Alfred Ledger passed his law degree in 1909 at London University. He then served in the British Army in the First World War. He started as sole solicitor in 1924. Harry and Brian are Alfred’s sons.

Harry obtained his law degree at Manchester University in 1941, before he was called up to be a Spitfire pilot in World War 2. Brian served in the British Army.

After the War Harry passed his solicitor’s law final examination in 1947 with honours

Brian passed his solicitor’s law final examination in 1949 with honours.

The firm then became Alfred Ledger & Sons in 1950 and the firm was run by Alfred, Harry and Brian Ledger from 1950.

Alfred Ledger passed away in 1972.

In 1984 Nancy Ledger joined the firm after completing her law degree in Nottingham. She then went on to become a licensed conveyancer.  In 2004  Harry and Brian retired and Nancy continues to run the family firm.