Informed Choice

Informed Choice

Since December 6th 2018 the Council for Licensed Conveyancers  (CLC) have made it compulsory that all firms regulated by the CLC adhere to transparency obligations regarding the costs of conveyancing.

Here at Alfred Ledger & Sons Property Lawyers we have always offered our clients a clear and precise estimate of our costs before any transaction begins. 

As soon as a client contacts us to engage us to assist them in their move we offer a fully written estimate that breaks down all of the costs and explains what those costs represent. Upon acceptance of the estimate by the client a further copy will be sent to be signed by the client and then held on our file.

Fees include our professional fees along with what is known as disbursements. Please click here for cost details.

The seller must find a buyer. The seller’s solicitor obtains the title deeds and prepares a contract which is submitted to the buyer’s solicitor. The buyer’s solicitor will examine the draft contract and supporting documentation to ensure it meets the buyer’s requirements and perhaps more importantly, those of any lender.  The buyer’s solicitor makes a number of searches and enquiries with the object of finding out all he can about the property.   If the buyer is taking a mortgage the buyer must arrange this.   Both parties then enter into a formal contract to buy/sell the property.  The buyer’s solicitor prepares the purchase deed.   The final stage is completion.   This is completion of the terms of the contract.   The buyer pays for the property and the seller hands over the keys and the deeds for the property.    After  completion  the  transaction  is  registered  at  the  Land  Registry.     If the buyer has had a mortgage the deeds may be required by the lender as security for the loan. Otherwise the buyer should hold the deeds following completion.

Do be patient.

Do not pay money direct to the person selling the property.   This will cause complications with regard to your mortgage.

Don’t hand the keys over for your house unless we say it is safe to do so.

Don’t try to arrange a completion date without confirmation from us that we are in a position to proceed.

Do give us at least 10 working days notice of a proposed completion date. Failure to do so incurs additional work which we reserve the right to charge a minimum of £50. + VAT per property.

If you are in rented accommodation do not give notice to quit to your landlord unless we have stated it is safe to do so – otherwise YOU may be making yourself homeless.

Do contact the seller of the property to discuss keys, telephone numbers, burglar alarm codes, gas suppliers, electricity suppliers.

Do read all of your mortgage offer and ensure that you have complied with all requirements.

If you are buying do arrange for your buildings insurance to commence on exchange of contracts.  We are often required to supply buildings insurance details to your lender prior to completion. Therefore ensure that these meet all the requirements of your lender and supply this information to us at least two weeks prior to completion, otherwise delays may occur.

If you are selling ensure your buildings insurance remains in force up to and including the date of completion.

The person dealing with your transaction is also dealing with other complicated matters which require their full attention and will not always be available when you contact us.   Therefore, if available, another member of staff will try to deal with your enquiry.   If this is not possible the person dealing with your transaction or a member of staff will contact you to deal with your enquiry, usually on the same working day or within a working day or two.

Please do not contact us on an hourly basis (or more frequently) as this will only cause delays as we will be taken off work we are currently dealing with to answer your enquiry.   Remember, once we are in a position to proceed we will contact you.

As there may be several individuals in a chain, a completion date must be agreed by all parties.   There is no point trying to impose a completion date on another party.

The Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer of another party (e.g. of your Buyer or Seller) is professionally barred from speaking to you.

Please note that the firm, as a whole, is dealing with your transaction, and every attempt will be made by our company to keep you informed, as necessary, as to progress being made.

Interviews are arranged by appointment and lengthy enquiries cannot and will not be dealt with over the telephone.

We care about our staff and will not tolerate verbal abuse or harassment of our staff.   Please note that our staff have been authorised to end telephone calls if they are verbally abused or if they feel threatened.