Other points to note.

The person dealing with your transaction is also dealing with other complicated matters which require their full attention and will not always be available when you contact us.   Therefore, if available, another member of staff will try to deal with your enquiry.   If this is not possible the person dealing with your transaction or a member of staff will contact you to deal with your enquiry, usually on the same working day or within a working day or two.

Please do not contact us on an hourly basis (or more frequently) as this will only cause delays as we will be taken off work we are currently dealing with to answer your enquiry.   Remember, once we are in a position to proceed we will contact you.

As there may be several individuals in a chain, a completion date must be agreed by all parties.   There is no point trying to impose a completion date on another party.

The Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer of another party (e.g. of your Buyer or Seller) is professionally barred from speaking to you.

Please note that the firm, as a whole, is dealing with your transaction, and every attempt will be made by our company to keep you informed, as necessary, as to progress being made.

Interviews are arranged by appointment and lengthy enquiries cannot and will not be dealt with over the telephone.

We care about our staff and will not tolerate verbal abuse or harassment of our staff.   Please note that our staff have been authorised to end telephone calls if they are verbally abused or if they feel threatened.