Sale of your property

Once the sale of your property has been agreed your estate agent will forward any relevant paperwork to Alfred Ledger & Sons. We will provide you with a simple instruction form which will enable us to gather all of the required details about you and your house.

Valuation & Marketing
Organise your mortgage (If you currently have a mortgage notify your lender of the intention to sell)
Check your energy Performance certificate (if you don’t have a valid EPC you can get this arranged through an estate agent or you can arrange for this to be carried by yourself)
Get your property valued
Set the asking price
Put your property on the market (if you choose to do this with an estate agent you will be entered into a legally binding contract which contains terms and requires them to pass on all offers in writing)
Find a conveyancer

Gather your documents.
Complete the forms.

Sale agreed
Consider all the offers
Once all offers you accept a satisfactory offer instruct the agent to take the property off the market.
Request the contract from the conveyancer.
Answer any queries about the property that the conveyancer is likely to receive from the buyer’s conveyancer.
Negotiate a completion date via the conveyancer this date will be influenced by anything flagged up by the survey and length of the chain.

Contracts & Completion
Review contract with your conveyancer (before signing the contract check the document thoroughly and check the plan to see the full extent of the property and land are shown and that all details are correct).
Exchange contracts
Completion and final steps (money is transferred and you accept payment the property changes ownership).
Remove everything from the property
Mortgage and fees (your conveyancer will also pay off the mortgage for you, using the money transferred from the buyer; pay the estate agents fees (if previously agreed by you); take their own agreed fees and either pay the net proceeds to you, or use the funds for your related purchase if you are buying another property at the same time).