What are searches?

Searches are submitted to find information about the property. A plan is required to submit searches. Results disclose information about the property which may materially affect the value of the property; make the property un-saleable; affect your willingness to proceed; etc.

Searches submitted as standard are Local Search and Coal Report. Please advise us in writing if additional searches are required and we shall inform you of the cost of the additional search (payment will be required from you to enable us to order the search).

Coal Report – reveals whether or not the property is built on a coal mining shaft and other information;

Local Search – reveals information held by the Council about the subject property being bought e.g. new roads, planning history. If you are concerned about possible development in the surrounding area you should make enquiries of the local planning authority.

We advise that the following additional further searches should be obtained –

Environmental Disclosure Report reveals information about historical land contamination and other information. We recommend that an Environmental Disclosure Search and Insurance for possible land “clean-up” costs.

Chancel Report – submitted to enquire if a property is required to contribute towards repairs to the chancel of the local parish church. Such liability is enforceable in the County Court, and can apply to properties falling within a Church of England parish which has a vicar or had a vicarage and has a church dating from the medieval period or earlier.

Flood Report – reveals information about flooding; flood risk assessment; coastal erosion etc

Drainage Search – reveals whether the property is connected to mains drainage and to the mains water supply;

If you require any of these additional searches (Environmental; Chancel; Flood; Drainage) you must state which you require in writing and supply a cheque payable to Alfred Ledger