Time needed for legal completion

We require a period of ten working days between exchange of contracts and completion as this is the shortest amount of time required without making special arrangements to deal with all pre-completion searches and formalities. Otherwise we reserve the right to make an additional charge for trying to comply with a possibly unrealistic completion date.  Similarly further charges may also be made for additional work following last minute cancellation of completion e.g. rearranging completion; returning mortgage funds; obtaining further redemption statements. This will be a minimum of £100. plus VAT at current rates per property.  Provided we have used reasonable skill in attempting to complete on your requested date we will not be liable for any loss arising from a delay in completion.

We request that mortgagees (e.g. Banks, Building Societies, lending institutions) supply us with cleared funds one or two working days prior to completion to ensure funds are in place.   Please be aware that interest due from you will probably be calculated from the date funds are released to us.