Where we receive money from you to pass to a third party

In many cases we shall be requesting funds from our clients to pass on to a third party.   For example, we may be completing the purchase of a house or settling a debt.   We shall only accept cheques from clients unless we have made prior written arrangements to accept cash (£500. maximum on any one transaction).   Please note that our Bank will need at least 10 working days to clear a cheque regardless of whether or not it is a personal cheque, bank draft or Building Society cheque. Please note cheques should be made payable to “Alfred Ledger & Sons”.  We require cleared funds from you a minimum of two working days prior to the completion date.  We do not accept monies payable by third parties unless we are told in advance who those parties are and have the opportunity of confirming the payment with such third party – our charges in respect thereof for each payment will be £50. plus VAT.  Under no circumstances should you pay cash into our bank account.  If you do we will charge you an administration fee of 1% of the amount paid subject to a minimum fee of £100. plus VAT in respect of administration charges relating thereto.  This will be payable before we finalise/complete your matter.